BDS!! Old Skool To The Fullest!

The Chief

This deck was designed and built in response to many of our customers needs rolled into one.

This was an entirely new mold-set never before used on any Bulldog. It has a big, wide-open, mellow concave similar to some of the first concave boards from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Same basic shape as the Ray Flores model from a couple years back with a shorter wheel base so it should skate a little light than the Flores.

A wicked-cool 8-9 color graphic has been done utilizing more spot colors and less 4 color process, should prove to be even better when printed.

“The Z-13 is a Mellow Old School Concane 11x 33.3 pretty much what Ray (Flores) was using for His Model but the tail is drilled the way I would do it. Ray’s was shorter makeing the board feel longer that was something He liked but you don’t need to put the Ray stuff in.”

-Wes From

Own this piece of history today! $90 Only at SOFLO!!! The only place you would find BDS in the East Coast.


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