Wed. May 19 Nocturnal Circuit Race SOFLO to BLACK BAR

Night Race from SOFLO (3301 Grand Ave. Coconut Grove) to Black Bar (28 NE 14st. Downtown) 6.5 Mi.
HOPEFULLY there should be free beer at Soflo Before the race
and $2 Colt 45 @ Black Bar.
$50 Bar Tab For The winner!
Pink T shirt NOT JERSEY for winner!
Pretty sure it’s 18 and up.
Race starts at 10Pm

I know pretty much everyone is familiar with the route to Black Bar From The Grove.
Here is a map (the Dots are spots that should be ridden carefully!)

The First Dot is at Peacock Park, at this turn I’ve seen people hit the ground so please be careful!
Second Dot is the crossing of US1…. Same thing be careful!!
the third dot is the traffic circle at the end of S. Miami Ave.
the fourth dot is the bridge after tobacco road.


Hope To see everyone! FIXED OR ROAD OR MOUNTAIN


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