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June 15, 2010

ohhh shit!

SOFLO is a killer skate shop, but it isn’t just a killer skate shop. It’s a bike repair place, community clubhouse, and barbecue spot too. Pick any random day, grab a few tallboys from Kwik Stop Mart down the street, and then roll up on your fixed-gear cruiser with a Baker board and hibachi strapped to your back. Without fail, the SOFLO mofos will welcome you like a brother. From outside, the only visible branding is a set of neon cardboard cutouts advertising stuff like “Longboards” and “Swank.” Inside, though, it’s visual overload. The walls are splashed from floor to ceiling with the insane Sharpie scribblings of SOFLO resident graff guy SuperDuper Jr5. He’ll draw on almost anything — dirty napkins, losing lottery tickets, sleeping friends. There’s even a carefully curated not-for-sale collection of boards designed and signed by skate-scene guys such as the legendary NeckFace. But most important, the swank for sale is plentiful. You got $25 organic cotton and hemp longsleeves from Elwood and others. You got rad kicks — Etnies, Vans, Vox, etc. — for $30 to $65. And you got street decks from most major companies as well as SOFLO’s own custom line of $35 Jr5-designed boards. You got wheels and bearings and more. So show up, shop, and say “Hey!” to SOFLO mascot Cognac. He’s a brindle bull terrier, and he can usually be found chilling on a bar chair in the corner.

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Nocturnal Bicycle Race!! The Return!! SOFLO EDITION

June 14, 2010

oohhhh shiittt
See ya at Black Bar! 28Ne 14st. 6.23.10 10PM